My Show

Not everyone has the ability, need or desire to have a radio talk show of his or her own. Frankly, it can be an expensive and time-consuming hobby unless there is a valid business or strong personal reason for having one.

With a well thought out plan to market the show, it can be an incredible investment in time and money for your business. Ask us how!

You can create your show in a professional studio, from the convenience of your office or home, or even on the street on other locations as a remote show.

If you are not going to use a professional studio, there are many choices online where you can have it recorded for you., Ustream.TV, Justin.TV, and Google Hangouts are just a few. Be careful if you want it to be “Mobile” friendly.

If you are not a “techie” or “marketing wiz”, we can arrange a one hour planning session with you to go over what you want to do and what is required so that you make the best choices.  Not knowing what you are getting into can cost you a lot of wasted time and money. We only charge $100 with no obligations to spend an hour with you – just an education for you! If you are not positively sure how to go about making your own show, then this is the best time and money you can invest.

Click Here to arrange a One Hour – No sales consultation


I Want my Show Listed here, what do I get?

  • Use your Current Recording Source:
    No changes needed, we link to the source you choose.  You can get many different low-cost or free selections on the internet.
  • Use your Current Website:
    No changes needed, we link to your webaite and if you have your shows as an RSS Feed, we’ll pull the descriptions for each and put a link to them on your website.
  • Dedicated Webpage:
    Every show has a specific personal webpage and unique link for social sharing and cross linking (like
  • List Building Contact Form:
    You can place a contact form on your page to start building an email list. Great way to stay in contact with your fans and also offer special deals.
  • Dedicated Email Address:
    You get which will be forwarded to you regular email address
  • Sell Sponsorships:
    Each show can place Sponsorships on their page.  All revenue goes to YOU!
  • Listing on TalkRadioLasVegas:
    We will display your website graphic and a one paragraph description of your show and a clickable link to your Personal Web Page
  • Categories
    We will display a list of show categories (i.e. Entertainment, Business, Community, etc.), where visitors can select the type of show they are looking for and will be presented a clickable list of the shows which are classified in that category. Clicking this link will launch your Personal Web Page where visitors can listen to your show
  • Increased Listeners
    Every show will benefit from the “Co-op” effect of being listed on Since every other show will have a link to our web site, a percentage of their listeners will search for other shows to listen to on our web site. It is very important that your program description is enticing!
  • Increased Search Engine Exposure
    Internet search engines place a lot of importance on listing on other websites. The listing on our web site and the clickable links from all of the other shows will increase the exposure to all shows with web sites on our network
  • Increase Sponsor Exposure
    Companies and Ad Agencies are constantly looking to find places to put their advertising dollars to work. Since Internet Radio can expose their ads to 24 hours a day listeners, they are looking for popular shows to sponsor. You can maintain contact with them yourself or we can arrange the advertising for you on a co-op basis

What does this cost?

  • One time Setup Fee $247
    {includes first listing and first month listing fee)
  • Monthly Listing Fee (PayPal subscription) $9.99

What other options are there?

  • 1,000 Custom Matching Business Cards: $99.00  click here
  • Build a Custom Website for your show: starting at $997
  • Each change/addition for your TRLV web page or Your Website: $25.00